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Which Java Application Server mostly suited for Railo?

October 16, 2010

If you want to build a large Railo based SAAS application and your preferred server environment is Windows and preferred web server is Apache,  which Java Application Server you will prefer and Why? Most popular amoung the list are Resin, Tomcat and JBoss.


ColdFusion 9 Flash Remoting V/S Zend AMF in Zend Framework 1.10;

March 19, 2010

Yesterday I came across the post of and after going through it a quick question came to my mind-  Have anyone compared the performance between ColdFusion 9 Flash Remoting with Zend AMF comes with Zend Framework 1.10 ? Are they equal? Or is the  Zend AMF comes near to CF9’s Flash Remoting capabaility?

Anyone who knows the answer can please comment to this blog entry.

Adobe- it is time to re-think the way ColdFusion is marketed!

February 25, 2010

It’s time to release core features of ColdFusion as open source – name it as a community Edition which is free to use with no licence fees and also it should provide a way where community can extend the core features. Adobe can release an Enterprise Edition with the usual licence fee with all enterprise features.

Iam really concerned about the low market share of CF at the moment. Especially during the bad economy period, CF is less  preferred by customers even after good evangelism about it.  Customers now shows more interest than before to move towards opensource technologies- which obviously reduce their investment.

Adobe need to seriously think about an opensource Community Edition with no more  delays else it will loose the market share considerablyin future and finally it will reach a pathetic situation where Adobe itself lose interest in CF.

There is so much to learn from open-source technologies like PHP and Python.  PHP is powering some of the world’s high traffic websites – it have grown a long way from the year 2000- 2001. Language itself have matured a lot from version 5.0, huge amount of quality software’s are available with large community surrounded them. Ex: Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Typo3 etc.  Apart from Mura CMS and BlogCFC, I don’t remember there is any opensource CF software which we all are proud of. Sorry folks I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but it is a plain truth that even in year 2010 if you search for a quality opensource ColdFusion shopping cart script you won’t find one.

I have exceptional love and passion towards ColdFusion and with all respect I must request Adobe to RE-THINK!!

Flash vs. Silverlight Comparison

October 22, 2009

If you are looking for a Flash Silverlight comparision then you can find and excellent article on Here is the link :

Microsoft uses Flash for their Windows PC Scout app.

September 29, 2009

HI, today while going through I noticed an e-learning kind of application on their website named “Shop: Windows PC Scout”. It simply educate the user about the basics of computer like Processor, Ram, HDD, OS, Portability etc… and finally helps them to choose the best laptop suits their purpose. The app is done really well- no doubt, but what surprised me is the usage of Flash Platform, not their Silverlight 🙂

So folks check this out by click the button “LETS GET STARTED” from this link

Reaction of a long time PHP, Java developer about ColdFusion / Railo

September 8, 2009

Last week I had a discussion with a European client regarding a Flex project with PHP as backend. After gone through the functional specification and finally discussing the project in detail I pointed him about Railo – idea of using Railo, instead of PHP. After my evangelism he still was not fully convinced with CF as he is a long time Java and PHP programmer himself. But he promised me that he will install Railo and try it on weekend.
Yesterday I received his email. It is pasted below.
“Hi Shimju,
may say that u open my eyes on a technology I ignored for too long.
I’m really happy with railo and coldfusion. CF programming paradigm is
fantastic and railo works like a charm – Everything it’s so easy and simple.
I was quite scared about the pdf write function (the one with charts
inside). I seemed to me too complex and now with CF (railo) in 3 minutes
I developed one myself, incredible.
Even the server environment it’s easy to setup with debian apache +
mod_jk + tomcat.
Good! Definitively! “


The most needed tutorial of Railo now is:

April 2, 2009

Now Railo started heating up again among ColdFusion Community and Iam sure it will become more hot once the production version of 3.1 launches with full BlazeDS Support (hoping soon:)

CF developers like us are very keen in trying out Railo and few of them already tried, but an issue here I felt is most of our folks are from Windows platform and few of them on Mac and I guess very few are on Linux . Though Railo supports all these platforms seamlessly, it will be really worth (specially in this tight economy condition 🙂 ) if we deploy it on Linux OS- > Thereby we can say “Jai Ho” to Open source.

Now I will stop beating around the bush- Can anybody in our community help folks like us who are on Windows platform write a massive tutorial (should be written from a windows user perspective) about setting up a Railo powered VPS Server- such as connecting from Windows machine to Linux VPS using SSH, Installing web server (Apache), Java Application Server, Railo, MYSQL, FTP Server, Mail Server, Setting up websites etc This will be really really helpful. Railo Folks are you listening me 🙂